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Cluster Basic Structure

Zorbas is a high performance computing cluster (hpc) consisting of 400 cores and 5TB memory in total. There are 4 computing partitions (classes of computers with similar specifications), one login node where users can enter to the system from and an intermediate node where users can test their scripts and/or submit their jobs.

Computing Partitions or Queues

  1. Bigmem partition can be used for memory intensive jobs. It consists of 1 node with 32 cores and can support processes requiring up to 640GB RAM.
  2. Hugemem partition can be used for hugely memory intensive jobs. It consists of 1 node with 20 cores and can support jobs requiring up to 1.5TB RAM.
  3. Batch partition is composed by 10 nodes each one with 20 cores and 128 GB RAM. A user can assign parallel jobs (either in a single node or across several nodes) to the batch partition.
  4. Fat partition consists of 3 nodes with 40 cores and 500 GB RAM. A user can submit highly cpu intensive jobs to this partition.

Attention! The intermediate node (named hydrogen) is not intended for normal jobs execution. Its resources should be used only for testing purposes. Extented or exhaustive testing must be avoided and the above partitions should be used instead.

For more technical details please refer to the infrastructure page.