Use Cases

  • Area 52 lab metabarcoding (Haris Zafeiropoulos, IMBBC, HCMR) View
  • Microbial community diversity in the lagoonal complex of Amvrakikos Gulf (Ionian Sea, Western Greece) (Dr. Christina Pavloudi, IMBBC, HCMR) View
  • Eukaryotic Microbial Plankton in the Western Levantine Basin (Eastern Mediterranean Sea) (Dr. Ioulia Santi, IO, HCMR) View
  • High nutrient addition of different intensities alters plankton composition and the biotic relationships among plankton species (Dr. Ioulia Santi, IO, HCMR) View
  • SPELMED: Population Genomics analysis of the small pelagic fish stocks in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea (Dr. Costas Tsigenopoulos) View
  • Genome analysis of Pseudomonas strains isolated from Kolumbo, Santorini. Panos Bravakos View
  • Hybrid assembly and genome analysis of an epitheliocystis related agent. Maria Chiara Cascarano Phd student View
  • Phylogenomics investigation of sparids (Teleostei: Spariformes) using high-quality proteomes highlights the importance of taxon sampling (Dr. Tereza Manousaki) View
  • MOUNT: Seascape genomics of invertebrates in coastal Crete View
  • SPARCOMP: Comparative Transcriptomics in Sparids brain and gonads shed light into sex differentiation View

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  • 3D volume rendering of Henneguyosis in the heart of Pagrus major View
  • Equaltaxa: Research Infrastructures offer capacity to address scientific questions never attempted before: Are all taxa equal? (Dr. Christos Arvanitidis, CEO LifeWatch ERIC) View

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