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Home Directories

Home directories of zorbas’ users are installed at an xfs file system (OS Centos v7, xfs version 4.5.0) and are shared via the nfs service (version 4.2), so as the users’ data is accessible from all cluster nodes. The following figure illustrates this configuration.

Because of the sharing of home directories among cluster nodes, the users have not to worry on if their data is accessible on some node. The use of absolute paths (for example /home/myusername) within a users’ script will assure that data can be written to or read from the users’ home directory.

At this time, maximum permissive data capacity (quota) per each user is 100GB. For more data space, a request to the system admininstrators has to be submitted.

The quota limits of a user account are reported in a file named, quota.txt, which is in the home directory of each user. This file is periodically updated (~5 minutes).